The Brave Little Brown Bear


Everyone has a fear of something, even a big brave brown bear.  Come join in this beautifully illustrated journey as a bear cub learns the true value of compassion, bravery, companionship, courage, and inner strength.  Find yourself rooting for the cub as he embraces the fury of the storm and overcomes his own fear.


Melissa's a keen sense of her client's needs is the hallmark of her work with children.  Her caring and creative methods are evident in the results.  She brought that same expertise, tenacity, and excitement in creating her first book "The Brave Little Brown Bear". Our most fun and rewarding client experience to date.   -- Jaime L. - Windsor, ON

After reading The Brave Little Brown Bear I was so impressed that I bought 2 copies for my grandchildren.  It is not only entertaining, but it also teaches a very valuable lesson.  I strongly recommend this book.  Thank you, Melissa, for the thought that you put into this project.  I look forward to what is next.  -- Dave. E -- Windsor, ON

A delightful narrative about a little brown bear who moves past his fears and finds new found courage when his mama leaves him alone for a short period of time.

Melissa Tar, the author has penned a great story about overcoming the unknown, learning compassion. finding courage and becoming self-reliant.

When you know how to roar and you discover your courage and your bravery, you can defend yourself against just about anything. I highly recommend this book for children of all ages. It's sweet, beautifully illustrated, and delivers a powerful lesson about life.

Sheryl D. - Windsor, ON

The Brave Little Brown Bear 🐻

WOW! This book is brilliant and adorable. My 5-year-old son has a new favorite and he is also beginning to read some of the story himself. Beautifully written in a way that a child can relate. We are all afraid of something and this book teaches kids that it's ok as long as you are brave. The little bear not only finds his ROAR and bravery but also compassion and friendship. Such a touching little story for little minds!! 100% would recommend this book to anyone with small children in their life. Looking forward to more works from this author!

Amanda B. - Windsor, ON

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